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Ekonomiczna 8
19-500 Gołdap

phone. +48 87 615 05 72
fax. +48 87 615 40 30

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We are one of the largest manufacturers in Poland. Choose the highest quality!
3 pillars of our company

Experience. Quality. Innovation.

About us

The history of Kensus began in 2002 with manufacturing warehouse containers for a foreign client. Constant search for new technological solutions, innovativeness and training of the staff and management are the features that have allowed the company to develop into its present form.

Our specialization:

Photovoltaic panel stands


High-durability steel

S350 steel with the innovative Magnelis® anti-corrosion coating.

Anti-corrosion coating - Magnelis®

Guarantees long-lasting surface protection even in the most demanding conditions.

Construction angle of 25° (30° optional)

Assembly of the structure is simplified to the essential minimum.

Photovoltaic panel stands

Catalog of others products

Innovative construction systems

High-durability steel structure made of S350 steel with the innovative Magnelis® anti-corrosion coating.

Cooperation with Kensus

Guarantee of quality


The combination of knowledge, skills and experience with cutting-edge technologies and innovative equipment is what makes Kensus a company that enjoys the trust and recognition among customers around the world. We carry out long-term orders from Western Europe, Scandinavia and the United States.

Storage trolleys and pallet containers
25 %
Free-standing structure systems
65 %
Fuel tanks
10 %

For over 18 years
we have been providing the best quality solutions


See how we work


 We are a team with knowledge and experience gained over many years of cooperation on projects for large customers. Our cooperation with the customer is based on communication and trust at every stage of implementation of the project.

Any questions? We are at your service!

Kensus. Choose a proven manufacturer.